woensdag 22 februari 2012

Trigger Finger

Life is treating me very well thank you very much.
I hope for you too.

I did accidentally trew my cell phone in the wash machine though. I washed it together with my in the dark glowing spooks bed sheets.
To prevent any other unwanted accidents I fixed everything that I could fix that could go wrong.
Oil the lock of my bike, cuz I don't want my key to breake off again in my lock , fix the backthingy of my bike to prevent it from accidentally go into my wheel. And that all before it was even noon! Oh so proud of myself!
But what I have not counted on is the chain falling off part of course I m a pro at that now, but not when there is a stupid cast around it that I can't take off. So now I carry a silver knife everywhere so whenever that happens I can poke the chain until it gets back on.
Aah these are the days that I feel like a true Bear Grylls. Yeeaahh

5 opmerkingen:

Arnees zei

Blij dat te horen. Groeten uit een saai bureau op een saaie dag.

Jaroon zei

Cool pic bear :]

ivanka k zei

Wow love this! Did you wath Bear surviving in the city ;)?

klaas zei

Cool, mevrouwtje To, vree cool!

Nighttime Bird zei

Super muchos thanks!