woensdag 24 februari 2010

RIP wacom

He passed away overnight
He was so very precious to me
Wish I could show the last thing he worked on.. but that is confidential stuff
He really enjoyed this new program he' s been taught,Zbrush
Too bad he will never get any better at it ..
He will be remembered

vrijdag 12 februari 2010

05-I m not a quitter

I m not a quitter
I m not a quitter
I m not a quitter
I m not a quitter
I m not a quitter
I m not a quitter
I m not a quitter
I m not a quitter
I m not a quitter

zondag 7 februari 2010

04-I dreamed we became friends again

Something of yesterday, isnt finished at all. But dont have the time.
I found out that you loose a lot of color quality if you safe your thing as a Jpg in painter, really didnt knew that before.

zaterdag 6 februari 2010


Doctor, doctor!

donderdag 4 februari 2010

02-My wacom died

He only works sometimes .. sucks monkey balls
HA and yes I am cheating already and its day 2 of my 365, no way I already painted something this early. But a post is a post :)

woensdag 3 februari 2010


Got this great idea from Klaas (http://klaasvdm.blogspot.com/) to start a 365.
In other words.. to draw and paint daily and post it here..
Hope I can keep this up, I m just kind of lazy and also scared to mess my blog up with ugly drawings I dont like.. but I have to try it

I am scared of fish.. even more when they are dead or out of water.. I just somehow imagine what sounds they would make if they could.. screaming they cant breath anymore or are in a lot of pain cuz they have a hook down their troat
But nevertheless.. I dug up this fish head from a bin.. just to paint it.. and it smelled o my god

Speedpaint from life


School assignments games I worked on in team
Hugon in Ridderland a game for kids from 6-7 year

A pick up design I made that I kind of like, didnt even knew what a pick up was before..