donderdag 9 februari 2012

Lay me down

Some doodles made at work from couple of months.
I know I write like a dude.
I remember back in high school when teachers didn't knew who s test it was, because I forgot to write my name on it. They just gave it to some random guy in my class.

And later on in college it went something like this

ok now the art stuff :)

A paste up I was working on.. not finished in this picture yet

4 opmerkingen:

Sóley zei

Thank you for doing cool things.

- Sóley
we are purple

Nighttime Bird zei

Aii thank you for collecting cool things :)
Ps: Do the broows!! And share the pictures!

Katherine McNeil zei

Nice drawings!!

Vera zei

Die paste up ziet er cool uit :) heb je er al een foto van het finale product? :)