vrijdag 30 maart 2012

The Whale

Shortmovie made in a suuper short time.
So many things could be done better, but I think its nice to keep it like this and start new short projects.
And boy o boy do I have ideas :)

donderdag 22 maart 2012

If my hands are cold

I was just watching SATC episode about how many big loves you can have in one life time.
Loves that shake you to your core.
And that made me think about all the people around me and their lovers.
There are around 7 billion people in the world.
A lot of people I know are with someone of their own hometown or 30 km further away.
And they are so convinced that they will stay together for ever.
For ever
that word, I ve learned the hard way is not something you should just merge with an other human being . A memory, a feeling would be more suitable. I am very gratefull I have collected a lot of good ones already.
I dont know where I m heading at, but..
Sometimes it bothers me that some people wont dare to take a leap and go further.
They are all so caught up in their comfort zone, so scared to lose it and have to start all over again.
Comfort zone.. Maybe its me, but I dont feel like to go to that zone yet. It frightens me, I want more.
A lot of people just want to go and reach the top, they do everything by plan, so neatly planned out since they were little, they forget you can go other ways, you can go further instead of higher.
I feel like I have been in some safe cocoon for so long already, its time to take action, live!
By falling and getting up again, there are no wrong decisions, no wrong falls. You will keep on going forward , you will feel yourself grow, its amazing.
Try it sometimes

ps: nothing personal, just a thought.