zaterdag 11 april 2009

Z o o d a y

practicing violin : el tango de roxanne from the moulin rouge movie
hungry for: Brahms hungarian dance No 2

I know I should upload more, but to be honest, this mind here.. not that productive anymore..
and.. not really satisfied with the work I do make..
schoolstuff.. I really dont like it, hate it that I spend so much time on it.. hate the face even more
I just dont know what I want to do..

woensdag 8 april 2009

b o o t c a m p

on my mac, yay
this is really the picture that could crack me up on my downest days
not that I m down

zondag 5 april 2009

F a r t

digital exercises, trying and trying to get it right.
But dont want to spend too much time on 1 painting, because.. the stupid thing about digital painting is you can keep painting forever on details no one will notice unless you make some special close ups..

Also a huuge acryl painting, also just for practise,
Ok its 56 x 56 cm, not that huge, but one of the bigest size I ve ever painted.

Aand some pages out my sketchbook
Still have so much work I have to upload..

I also want to thank a very special person, who has been far out the most encouraging person I ve ever met. You gave me the confidence I ve never really had.

btw what the hell is with the new version of msn? its like everyone is having problems with annoying viruses..

edit: forgot to mention first 2 paintings are inspired on the most beautiful photobook called Heroïnes by Bettina Rheims, loved this book even more than Lachapelle' s one.

J a j a j a a


I .. have no words for how..
creative I wanna feel.
But I feel like I dont have enough time for all the stuff I wanna do.
nevertheless I can tell you I am very proud that I have:
-made 2 acryl paintings
-lil photoshoot
-started to digi paint
-bought new strings for my violin AND played
-I started reading books again! yay, altough it is for school , still "The picture of Dorian Gray" was a book I always wanted to read.

so in the mood to do more!
why do people need sleep now and then?

I almost feel sorry I m about to post so much new stuff..
should I do it in different parts?