zondag 5 april 2009

J a j a j a a


I .. have no words for how..
creative I wanna feel.
But I feel like I dont have enough time for all the stuff I wanna do.
nevertheless I can tell you I am very proud that I have:
-made 2 acryl paintings
-lil photoshoot
-started to digi paint
-bought new strings for my violin AND played
-I started reading books again! yay, altough it is for school , still "The picture of Dorian Gray" was a book I always wanted to read.

so in the mood to do more!
why do people need sleep now and then?

I almost feel sorry I m about to post so much new stuff..
should I do it in different parts?

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_BooLz-I_ zei

laatste foto zonder shine ziet er nu veel beter uit ;).

Lang leve de verkeerde foto indrukken gij hebt nu de eer om in een denkbeeldige villa groot kot te wonen :P