zondag 5 april 2009

F a r t

digital exercises, trying and trying to get it right.
But dont want to spend too much time on 1 painting, because.. the stupid thing about digital painting is you can keep painting forever on details no one will notice unless you make some special close ups..

Also a huuge acryl painting, also just for practise,
Ok its 56 x 56 cm, not that huge, but one of the bigest size I ve ever painted.

Aand some pages out my sketchbook
Still have so much work I have to upload..

I also want to thank a very special person, who has been far out the most encouraging person I ve ever met. You gave me the confidence I ve never really had.

btw what the hell is with the new version of msn? its like everyone is having problems with annoying viruses..

edit: forgot to mention first 2 paintings are inspired on the most beautiful photobook called Heroïnes by Bettina Rheims, loved this book even more than Lachapelle' s one.

2 opmerkingen:

Stace zei

en gade voor de zanger? ^^ is nog alt mijn favoriet.

paintings zijn weer heel leuk ^^ maar de eerste haar nek is precies wel wa lang :P

goe bezig =D

Vera zei

aah de draft/concept van de nose-fluter :p