zondag 20 juli 2008


I ve made this account a while ago, but I haven’t used it yet
Reason: I have completely no idea what I was going to do with it
I still don't really have an idea, but I guess I have to start doing something and then we will see
I first thought I should post all my inner struggles here
But that would be way too boring and long
So I think I ll post short anecdotes and sketches
I should be studying for my exams
But in stead I have done almost nothing
You would understand it if you had to study something you ve already studied it 3 times before but still didn't pas.

So today I have:
-opened my book (that was a very good start)
-cut my sister her hair
-read the first chapter (that would be good too if only the first chapter didn't exist out of 5 pages only)

-searched on the internet for the perfect Betsey Johnson dress I know I cant afford it
-took a warm footbath and tried to scrub all the hard skin of my feet (it took so long I felt dizzy in my head and I had a huge back pain)
-ate cake
-wrote this while watching CSI Miami (I think his brother did it)

So, basically everything is better than studying.
Who knows what I ll do later this evening
Maybe I ll even write a second blog today
Who knows...

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Yuen-Ting zei

csi miami x3!!
omg your English is so good, now I have to search your drawings so I can comment them