maandag 21 juli 2008

Sneaky sis

my grandparents are coming for a week here in Belgium
and they are staying at our house
thing is they have to sleep sometime eventually
and my parents decided that that action will happen in my sister s room or in mines
luckily my room is the messiest room in human history

I remember like it was yesterday that I never dared to show my room to my friends cuz it was too messy
But my friends convinced me after a few years that it couldn’t be that worse
And they had seen very messy rooms before
But ow, how they were wrong
Once I opened my doorroom
They always say the same
“I didn’t know you were serious”
well now its supaah worse
cuz I m having exams
and as a bonus
I m moving from my student room in Ghent to a new one
and I moved all my stuff temporary into my room here in my hometown
so that makes that that room is filled with 2 times tthe load of stuff it normaly has, that’s a humongous lot
but the stupid thing is that my sister is a natural born cleaner
she can do it so quick and so good
and she loves it
can you believe that?
well anyhow
my parents said they didn’t care in who s room my grandparents would sleep
it just has to be clean
so my sister is cleaning my room like a possessed one (shes moving all my stuff in her room)
like a hamster collecting his food in his cave
she does that with my mess
in order to make time to tell you all this (and watch friends on tv)
I threw all my clothes over the mess that is already in my room
that will teach her
I shall now go upstairs to make pictures of our rooms
And trow some more clothes on the ground
Cuz she d be ready by now with the previous clothes
Yes yes yes

And o my titty God
My room is as good as cleaned
That is
And I can t find my camera
So I ll upload the pictures later
(yes I always have spare pictures of my messy room on my camera)
I tell you, my sister is a natural born talent
But I didn’t know she was this good
Her talent grows every day
One day she will take over the world
And no mess will ever see daylight again

Now back to my sketchbook
Some other sketches

Hope you like

5 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

en gij laat mij helemaal op msn achter... buh

Nighttime Bird zei

beste meneer anoniem,
voor deze gelegenheden heb ik deze uiterst persoonlijke blog gemaakt
zodat je altijd het gevoel hebt dat ik er ben :)
graag gedaan

jammer dat je geen engels kan

Vera zei

oh my god ^^;
sterk verhaal! sterk verhaal =P

you have been beaten ^^;

en wat nu? =P

Anoniem zei

Hey, die opdracht was voor de wedstrijd Chaumont waar onze school elk jaar aan deelneemt. Dit jaar was het onderwerp voor de affiche male/female op alle vlakken (werk, seksualiteit, politiek,...) Jou werk ziet er heel mooi uit!

Sander VdM zei

You also got to redo some exams? It's one messed up world. Although your blog is totally different from mine (courier new is it?), I like it ^^