zaterdag 21 januari 2012


I know its been ages and ages. But no worries, I m doing fine :)
What happened since the last time I updated
-Did a small interview on radio station in amsterdam about street art
-Having a gallery thingy at fiends project in Antwerp
-Tottally addicted to longboarding, its ridiculous
and I am doing some small projects

First street art of 2012 thanks to Anonymous Psychonauts for the invite and the free cans!!

2 opmerkingen:

Sóley zei

My goodness what pretties they are.

And I like your fish. I hope the yellow one doesn't get teased by the others. That would be really sad...

- Sóley
we are purple

Nighttime Bird zei

Haha thanks! I m happy you like the fish. In this blog, being yellow is a plus , just like to be purple in yours ;)