zondag 14 maart 2010


Something I ve been working on for a while
It s an educational game , school project in a team of 4 people

My responsibility:
-Base idea of the game
-overall look of the game
-concept art of characters , birds, enviroment and tree
-3D modeling (except for the fruit and the base of the tree)
-rigging, skinning and animating the birds

The menu

Concept art
These are cute and girly versions based on the astroboy model from a while ago

This is all 3D except for that one child her face and hair is painted

A render of the tree alone.

4 opmerkingen:

Laurens zei

Cara, gij zijt zeker de beste art-director die ooit aan de ImagineCup gaat meedoen! Fingers crossed dat de jury da ook gaat vindennn!

Arne Kinds zei

hot hot hot Cara To

Jeroen zei

cool die shit ! :)

Alladin zei

Vogeltjes conceptart <3