vrijdag 26 september 2008


Zal de knoop doorgehakt worden
Ik hoop dat geluk me opwacht

Havent updated for a long time
-no internet caused by arson in my collegeroom
-stupid internet at my new collegeroom (but its so cozy)
-Didn t have much to upload
-Im a lazy
-macbook pro doesnt have a card-reader

but no fear! the upload is here
stuff from try-out lessons in 2 diffrent artschools

I always thought that art school is to teach you stuff
but my conclusion is that art school is just a place to provide you a place and time to develop your own skills,
so it all depends on your own how far you ll get

well the challenge is ON BABY!


Good friends are hard to find, good friends who stay even more
I apreciate and love till infinity all those who stayed with me trough all my stupid actions and quotes
they saved my life

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S├ęba zei

Never doubt yourself! Absolute conviction of success always leads to true success ;)

I believe in you Cara!