dinsdag 12 augustus 2008

Ik heb een splinter-botje in mijn tandvlees en ik krijg hem er niet uit

it bleeds every time I eat
I will get anorexic if I don’t get it out soon

I stopped studying
So I can't go back
I ll have to built up my self-esteem to try to make it in art

I wish I had rats again

some older stuff and some of yesterday (where I tried to draw stuff with one line, exercise to get better at drawing and I dont believe in pencil)

3 opmerkingen:

Adrielle zei

Adorei seu blog!!!
Visite o meu.


Beijos e abraços!!

Shimwee zei

weeral very nice drawings. daar gade wel ver mee knn komn ze, met de juiste motivatie anything can be done! you love the pen or the pen loves you, either way you make it work.


Lindsey zei

Echt heel mooi werk!
You will make it!